World Charity Day is a massive media campaign to say "Thank You" to all of the world's charities by marking 10.10 (October 10) annually as World Charity Day.

"10.10.17 THE EVENT.. Live music from the Marley Studio in Miami with exclusive videos from Global Artists and Charities.

Third World on behalf of Alligator Head Foundation
The Marley's on half of Ghetto Youths and Bob Marley Foundation
Steven Tyler on behalf of Janie's Fund
Quincy Jones on behalf of The Jazz foundation
Danny Glover on behalf of UNICEF
Liam Neeson on behalf of UNICEF
Lenny Kravitz on behalf of World Charity Day
Thalía on behalf of March of Dimes
Wounded Warrior Project
Exclusive footage from;
Julia Michael's
Run The Jewels
Major Lazer

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