Thalía confesses that she felt guilty on the kidnapping of her sisters


The time has passed and also the book Cada Día Más Fuerte, written by Thalía, which will be released this November will be the public confession of the artist of how she really felt and how she lived the kidnapping of her two sisters: Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi.

"I have struggled to get rid of the guilt I felt by the kidnapping of my sisters; it were months – if not years – of many questions and internal conflicts. I felt that the abduction of my sisters, and even at the present of what they are choosing and living, it was my fault. With hard work of introspection, together with a professional psychological help, I regain my confidence, my self esteem and above all revalue forgiveness."

Thalía addresses the difficult process she lived with her family when Ernestina (Titi as Thalía calls her) and Laura were victims of a kidnapping outside a theater in which the latter performed in Mexico City.

Thalía detailed in her book how this incident cracked her family, the "clan and matriarchy" that constituted the five sisters, mother and grandmother.

"An event of this magnitude causes internal damage to the structure of the relationship of the family living this traumatic event, and each process their own way."

And the book tells how she started the conflict stage with Laura Zapata:

"While Titi and I, until now, still have a very close relationship, Laura and me greatly distanced since the kidnapping until we stopped talking for several years (...) Laura felt that nobody could understand her pain and as much as I would like to support her, there was nothing I could say or do to help."

And Thalía recognizes that the death of her mother was the incident of reconciliation between the two:

"To think that my mother had to die to change everything, it makes my heart ache, as if there was a big bite, and crying, at times, with great pain."

Thalía's new book Cada Día Más Fuerte, which also has its English edition Growing Stronger, goes on sale in bookshops throughout the United States on November 1. The singer, actress and entrepreneur makes a journey through her life from her childhood, the death of her father until she met Tommy Mottola and the birth of their children, Sabrina and Matthew.

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