Welcome to ThaliaSource.Net!


Hello and welcome to your newest source about the Mexican, singer, actress and entrepreneur Thalía!

Welcome to ThaliaSource.Net! news  thalia foto

Our previous site, NuestraThalia.com, was inconsiderately deleted by my former free fan site host Starszz.com (I do not recommend them anymore). The only reason they can tell is she was just following orders and did not ask further question and because of some 'copyright issues'. I tell you, all fan sites do break some copyrights, in small or large scale. NuestraThalia was 6 years, 8 months, 10 days old. Started on February 4, 2008 and was put down on October 14, 2014. It gave my fellow Thalía fans the latest, relevant news, high quality photos and so much exclusives. It's been a tiring experience but fulfilled knowing that my fellow fans appreciate on the work I've been sharing there (even though they do not say thank you that much :P).

Here on our new place, you will still get the best about Thalía. Even though the 24,000+ photos from our previous website was gone, I still have some of them and I'm grateful to those people who send the images they've management to download from the previous photo gallery. With the help of other fan sites, Facebook fan pages etc, the quality you had from NuestraThalia will be the same or may be better here in ThaliaSource.Net.

I hope you like the new name!

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  1. angel says

    Soy fan de thalia

  2. Ana-Maria says

    YEEEEAAAAAHHHH !!! this is probably the quickest comeback ever! good luck with the new site, hope it stays on for many, many years to come! and once again, THANK YOU for everything you do!

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