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El Norte (Gente), October 25, 2014 issue.
Thalía ensures that on her new album, Amore Mio, she showed herself as she is, without taboos.

Thalía still sings to love, although now she'll use her sensuality more.

In early November, the singer will visit Mexico City to participate in Grandes Temas de Telenovela event and to promote the album Amore Mio, produced by Armando Ávila, her husband, Tommy Mottola, and herself with which, she assured, she will surprise.

"Writing songs by the hands of José Luis Roma and having other songs by Ricky Montaner and Carlos Macías made ​​me go back a bit to my more sexual, more dark side and without taboos," said the singer in a telephone interview from New York.

"It was about regaining my confidence to sing and write to love, but in a much more free, honest and open manner," she explained." she explained.

The album will be released on November 4 and features collaborations with Fat Joe and Becky G. For now, the song Por Lo Que Reste de Vida as its first single.

"It's important for me whenever I have a project, that is, to play first in my homeland and my people; with whom I got my first opportunity, my countrymen," she shared.

Another thing that she is excited about is participating in the event Grandes Temas de Telenovela, produced by Luis de Llano and Marco Flavio Cruz. In it, she sings the songs of the trilogy of Las Marias, soap operas that catapulted her to fame.

"The invitation came from señor (Emilio) Azcarraga. To be able to sing these songs will be a treat. It will be a night that apart from being fun and emotional, makes me feel thrilled," she revealed, although she does not know when will it be recorded and transmitted.

Whether on this trip she will visit her grandmother, Eva Mange, and her sisters, Thalía declined to give details.

"I think that's more private, but, it's definite, yes (I'll visit them), but that is a family matter and family matters stay in the family" she said.

Worried about the Ayotzinapa case
The disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, of the Mexican State of Guerrero, moves and worries Thalía.

The singer said she understands the pain and frustration of the mothers of the students, as she went through the same thing when her sisters Laura Zapata and Ernestina Sodi where kidnapped in 2002.

"I fully understand the pain, the tears and desperation of the mothers searching for their children. I ask for divine justice. I said it in first person because my family was attacked also by the violence in the country, at some point, with the problem of the kidnapping, we still deal with its repercussions." she said.

According to the singer, Ernestina is yet to recover from the situation; what she wants in Mexico and in all countries in the world is that life should always be respected.

She mentioned that if she had the opportunity to speak with Enrique Peña Nieto, President of the Mexican Republic, she would not know what to say, and that social problems can not be resolved in a single meeting

"It's such a deep problem, from many years ago, that can't be solved neither in a single meeting or a message. It is a situation that must have social, human and spiritual commitment. It's a thing that can not be summarized in a line" she highlighted.

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