Televisa will play the Grandes temas de telenovela


Luis de Llano produces a program where 19 artists will perform about 30 songs than have identified the stellar telenovelas of Canal 2.

Great and old telenovelas theme songs will bet on technology on the Canal de las estrellas.

According to the producer Luis de Llano, the format of Grandes Temas de Telenovela (Greatest Telenovela Hits) which premieres this December 21 is an idea that emerged long ago and that has been "taking shape".

The result: nearly 19 artists to perform the 30 songs that have identified the stellar telenovelas on Canal de las Estrellas, including songs by Alejandro Fernández, Kany García, Yuri, Daniela Romo, Alejandra Guzmán, Thalía, María José, Ricardo Montaner, among others, which will have different symphonic arrangements.

Thalía will perform Rosalinda (Rosalinda), Marimar (Marimar), María la del Barrio (María la del Barrio) and Quinceañera (Quinceañera), who originally sang with the group Timbiriche.

The program aims to be at the height of big Broadway shows with its sound, technology and ambiance, creating a complete experience for the viewer.

"We will offer on our website an exclusive streaming transmission. We will have a production specifically designed for the Internet. Exclusive interviews" said Laura Gordoa, Director of Multimedia Contents of the television.

Gordoa explained that the public will be able to integrate the program's Spotify playlist to their favorites, download wall papers and also use the second screen, which is a different take from the one available on television broadcast.

With all these actions, the production also aims to attract new generations, using tools like Facebook and Twitter.

The list is missing some tracks from artists like Lucero and Juan Gabriel, for example, but this is because according to Marco Flavio Cruz it was impossible to get them all.

Grandes temas de telenovela will be a night to remember through a television special that will be recorded on November 4 in Studio 5 of San Ángel (the same studio of La Voz... Mexico), starting at 7PM with a red carpet, cocktail and concert with 19 artists.

Source: En Televisa sonarán Grandes temas de telenovela (El Universal), Rinden homenaje a "Grandes temas de telenovela" con sinfónica (SÍNTESIS)

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