VIDEO, PHOTOS: Thalía at the Global Retailing Conference 2015


Thalía is a featured presenter at the Global Retailing Conference 2015. The conference was on April 23-24, 2015 at The Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. She presented on the conference's second day on Apr 24, 2015 at 8AM-9:15AM.

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I am so honored to have spent the last 2 days at the Global Retailing Conference at the University of Arizona. Such...

Posted by Thalia on Friday, April 24, 2015

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Thalía at the Global Retailing Conference 2015 videos photos news events  thalia foto

Thalía Sodi
Thalía Sodi is a dynamic singer, gifted actress and inspired businesswoman, who is an international superstar better known to her countless fans as just Thalía. This beloved Latina's career has spun almost three decades, which began when she was just 9 years old. She has sold over 40 million records worldwide. She has had 15 top 10 singles, 6 of which went to number one. Thalía has received numerous awards and accolades including, 2 Latin Billboard awards and several Premios Juventud awards.

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    Thalia io complete sport tine apes eat pentru tine si tot temp Thalia tu multi suse si number 1 astao tot temp io asta vreao Thalia


    Thalia tu multi bun si good behave tine si tu multi frumoas si multi bun singer de tot universal intarere thalia you are the grate woman

  3. Alejandro Javier Jokmanovich says

    como empresaria, como cantante, como actris y como persona la señora Thalia es un ejemplo de dulce realidad de vida

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