VIDEO: Thalía in Rachael Ray show


Thalía recorded her guesting on Rachael Ray Show show on May 7, 2015. Her guesting should be aired on May 13, 2015, but due to a train derailment in Philadelphia a 17-18 minutes breaking news was used and the show cutoff a portion of the show, which is unfortunately Thalía's guesting. Video below is from a TV recording. It was rebroadcast on August 14, 2015.

TOMORROW, August 14th, don't miss the rebroadcast of my visit with #RachaelRay at The Rachael Ray Show! 󾠜󾍇For showtimes...

Posted by Thalia on Thursday, August 13, 2015

VIDEO: Thalía in <i>Rachael Ray</i> show videos interviews events  thalia foto

Español: Thalía en Rachael Ray Show

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    Thalia io tine cheal mai marey fan ma io okey ink is tine spotter ma io tot temp tine ape sate tot temp io vreao tine star tot temp suse si multi shineg astao Thalia tot veasa

  2. Sarabjeet singh says

    Thalia tine tot poza multi frumoas si tu acuma vazut multi beautiful Thalia bine tine 7 may che program asta program multi famous si multi popular si multi bun astao asta io prey facut domnozeu Lange Thalia io tot temp vreao tu tu multi uerec LA suse Thalia tine Star to temp multi churning astao suse thalia

  3. argiepantilla says

    We always love thalia here in the philippines..always adore her,,very humble..has a gud heart.'

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