Thalía and Yolanda Andrade new ambassadors of Paz de la Red #VOZporlaPAZ


NEW YORK CITY, JUNE 25, 2015 - In recent days, the Mexican superstar Thalía along with the TV host Yolanda Andrade were recognized in the New York City as Ambassadors of Paz de la Red #VOZporlaPaz by the Argentinian singer Odino Faccia. Faccia conducts this international project inspired by His Holiness Pope Francis I and endorsed by Nobel Peace Prize laureates Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (1980) and Rigoberta Menchú Tum (1992).

This recognition is based on the campaign #ElBullyingNoEsUnJuego which invites awareness for positive change for children and adolescents in the world.

Thalía is the first international artist to join the #VOZporlaPAZ, which she invites all businessmen, artists, athletes and society at large, to demonstrate with their attitude and their voice a message of values and peace. "As a Mexican, as a citizen and especially as a mother, I feel excited and moved, because this campaign from today takes another way," says the singer, who is right now promoting her new album Amore Mio.

Also, Yolanda Andrade said, "Thalía and I started this campaign in May 2014 following the case of Tamaulipas, Mexico where the 12 year old Hector Alejandro Mendez took the life of his classmates. I extend my thanks for the success of the campaign "El Bullying No es un Juego" to all who have joined, supporting us to put in awareness about this global problem.

Meanwhile, Odino Faccia, who is producing his latest album and is recognized worldwide as the "Voice of Peace", he was "excited and happy" for Thalía being a new ally in this ambitious project. #VOZporlaPAZ seeks to unite all those voices that promote the construction of a society that is inclusive, just and with respect for diversity.

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    Hello. Thalia multi bun tot poza si congrats to you

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