Thalía on her album Latina and fostering her children’s creativity


Mexican singer Thalía released her 13th studio album, Latina, on May 6. The set includes sounds from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia, while also embracing her Mexican roots.

Latina, which contains 11 new songs, was produced by Sergio George. In a conversation with Billboard, the Mexican idol spoke about the creative process, collaborations, motherhood and children.

Thalía on her album <i>Latina</i> and fostering her childrens creativity interviews  thalia foto

Your song Desde esta noche with Maluma is very sexy. How did this collaboration came along?
From the first moment I heard the song I said, 'This is a hit." When Sergio and I worked on the arrangement, I wanted to include Mexican trumpets and he wanted the song to have a reggaeton base. Then I felt I needed an accomplice, someone to sing it to me and of course have me responding to him. Hence the idea to have Maluma came about.

The album also includes duets with OMI, Silvestre Dangond, De La Ghetto, and Jacob Forever. It's really a diverse mix of cultures and musical genres...
I love to work with people that I admire and merging cultures becomes magical. The collaborations came about in a natural way, during the creative process.

Today, it's hard for a woman to get on the Latin charts. What advice would you give to all those women who want to become like Thalía?
To follow the essence of her soul and heart. There are no boundaries in music. The important thing is to be honest, be yourself, and listen to changes in your environment and make those changes your own sounds.

What is your favorite song as a mom?
From this record, I have a song called Vivir Junto a Ti (Live With You), that says: "I want to be in your arms, in your eyes and holding hands as we walk." That's what I feel as a mom and I want to dedicate it to all mothers.

Do you think your children will follow your musical path, and if so, will you support them?
I don't know. They are very creative. My daughter spends all day singing, writing songs, and, at the same time, drawing and making sculptures. My son likes instruments. If they have it in their soul, I would prefer it to be a hobby; music as a career is tough. But I'll support my children if they decide to make music.

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  1. argie pantilla says

    Really admire u as an artist and as a mom,,u make things dat inspired us,,,,,,

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