Macy’s Thalia Blog: Guest Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Fall


I'm lucky enough to live in a place where I get to enjoy the four seasons. There's just something so wonderful about seeing the leaves change color! My life is always in constant movement and I'm always looking for something different. That's why I enjoy redecorating often, and I would like to share with you some of my tips for updating the guest bathroom for Fall.

  1. You don't have to change your whole bathroom to give it a Fall feel- something simple like adding leaf-shaped soaps or a basket filled with pine cones will do the trick.
  2. Add a candle or scent diffuser in a warm Fall scent, like pumpkin pie, cinnamon, apple cider or any other scent that reminds you of the season.
  3. Switch up your accessories (tissue holder, soap dish, etc.) to Fall themed ones in dark, rich hues, like deep red, brown or orange, or festive ones in mercury glass.
  4. An easy and practical way to give your bathroom a whole new look is to change your shower curtain, if you have one. You can buy one especially for Fall, and reuse it every year.
  5. Towels are another inexpensive way to update your bathroom for any season. Pick ones with Fall styles or in Fall color palettes.
  6. If you celebrate Halloween, incorporate some of the motifs associated with it, like skulls, in preparation for this fun holiday.
  7. The temperature is getting colder, so switch up light curtains for heavier drapes to give your bathroom a cozy feel.
  8. Hang a single leaf or mini wreath behind the door.
  9. Other motifs to consider: pheasant feathers, owls, gourds and wood.
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