Thalía: Latina Love Tour – Monterrey, Mexico


Thalía: Latina Love Tour on October 15, 2016 at 9PM at Auditorio Banamex (7,000-8,200 capacity) in Monterrey, Mexico

Thalía: <i>Latina Love Tour</i> – Monterrey, Mexico videos photos events  thalia foto

Thalía: <i>Latina Love Tour</i> – Monterrey, Mexico videos photos events  thalia foto

Thalía presented a spectacular production. She appeared as an Aztec goddess with wings on stage at 9:25PM, wearing a spectacular blue suit. Her presentation was opened with a medley composed songs like Un pacto entre los dos, Amándote and En la intimidad, among others.

"This is I'm coming home. Oh Monterrey, how I missed you. You have no idea how blessed I am to be here with you with all this love and passion", were the first words she dedicated to her fans.

The songs dedicated to Juan Gabriel was not missed. Gracias a Dios, written by Alberto Aguilera Valadez, it was one of the most performed song in the first part of this show. Insensible was the song that the singer continued its small but touching tribute.

The concert went on and it was the turn of more relaxing songs. She picked up a guitar and began with the songs Amore mio and Más.

It was here when she finished the first of four parts in which the concert is divided.

The second part of the concert started with songs that the singer recorded for the album Primera Fila. She sang Por lo que reste de vida clad in a red coat that covered her head.

At the end of the song, the singer took off her coat and showed off a long dress in gold, it was then she went back to interact with the audience.

"I hear Portuguese, listen Brazil, where my Brazilians are? Thank you, it is an honor, a pleasure", Thalía said who then moved across the stage.

Que será de ti was the song that continued and which managed to rip the throats of those present, although not as much as Equivocada, song that is enclosed as well as heard in one voice, lit with lights from their cellphones. Habítame siempre was the song that she decided to end her second musical set.

Latin hits came after another costume change, the singer performed songs like La movidita and Todavía te quiero among others.

Before singing the song De ti, Thalía introduced her special guest for the night, Pedro Fernández, who appeared on stage without his classic costume Charro, as the singer opted for a more casual look consisting of leather pants, black vest and white shirt.

The third part of the show consisted of those successes that consecrated Thalía as one of the most successful singers of Latin America.

Entre el mar y una estrella, Tú y yo, No me enseñaste and Seducción were some that integrated this segment. They did not missed Piel morena and of course Amor a la mexicana.

It was with Desda esa noche where Thalia left the audience for the first time. She return to the stage to perform A quien le importa and Arrasando.

That was how, in a shower of confetti, lots of dancing, clapping and shouting, that Thalía left the audience promising that this time she will not be away for long.

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