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Macys Thalia Blog: The Best Massage for Every Occasion macys thaliablog  thalia foto

Many people think that getting a massage is a luxury, but I'm telling you, it's a necessity. My loves, we only have one body, and we need to take care of it! Massages used to be very expensive, but now there are discount websites that offer 60-minute massages for as low as $30! (Just don't forget to tip).

Below are my favorite types of massages for every occasion. Which one will you try next?

Best Massage When You Need to Relax
This is one of the most popular types of massage around the globe, and for good reason! If you need to relax after a long week, the best massage for you is a Swedish massage, and if you've never gotten one before, starting off with a Swedish is the way to go. This type of massage is very gentle and soothing, with the masseuse applying long strokes across the body. When you're getting a massage, be sure to let your masseuse know whether you'd like less or more pressure. Remember, they're there to make you feel good, and not make you feel pain.

Best Massage When You're Very Tense
We've all gone through times in our lives when we are very tense and stiff. Perhaps it's due to poor sleeping thanks to an old mattress, perhaps you have too much going on at home or at work, or maybe you're just pushing yourself too hard at the gym. For these occasions, a Deep Tissue massage is perfect. Deep Tissue really pushes down on the muscle, almost to the bone. This type of massage can be painful and will leave you sore for a couple of days, but afterwards you will feel like a brand-new person, with absolutely no tension in your body.

Macys Thalia Blog: The Best Massage for Every Occasion macys thaliablog  thalia foto

Best Massage When You Need Full Body Rejuvenation
I love a good Thai massage! Some people call it "Yoga for the Lazy"", as the masseuse will move your body into different positions to stretch it and apply pressure into sore muscles. This type of massage is not done on a massage table, but on a padded mat on the floor. Have you ever seen movies where a masseuse walks over the client? That's a Thai massage! But don't worry, you can tell your masseuse not to walk on you if that makes you uncomfortable; I've never had it done!

Best Massage When You Suffer From Chronic Pain
I suffer from chronic lower back pain, and my son Matthew loves jumping on my back when we are playing together, which doesn't help. I often get Neuromuscular Therapy, which is not applied by a regular masseuse, but rather a professional therapist. This type of therapy is a bit more expensive (although it may be covered by insurance) as you won't usually find it at a spa, but worth it if you have pain in the same area over and over again. The therapist will apply soft pressure to the tissue where you have pain. This type of massage can feel uncomfortable and leave you sore for a couple of days, but the pain will diminish with more sessions.

Best Massage When You're Pregnant
If you have a baby on board, you should consider getting a pre-natal massage. There are many benefits to this type of massage, such as relief from swelling in the arms and legs, improved blood flood, and relief from anxiety and negative emotions, like depression. Always check with your doctor before getting any form of massage during pregnancy. He or she might even be able to recommend a massage therapist.

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