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Macys Thalia Blog: Meditation Tips for Beginners macys thaliablog  thalia foto

I have spoken many times before about how I always like to spend some time by myself, recharging my energy so I can go out into the world and give 110 percent to my family, my friends and my fans.

I found that one of the things that energizes me the most is meditation. I have been meditating for many years now. Whether it's between photo shoots, before a show, or in the bathtub, I need to spend a few minutes of my day completely relaxed, and thinking of nothing. So I'd like to share with your some tips to start meditating, and I hope you'll give it a try so you can also reap the benefits of this peaceful and ancient practice!

- The first obstacle people encounter when they first start meditating is that they can't keep their mind “quiet.” Don't be too hard on yourself if at first you don't achieve this! Let your mind wonder, acknowledge your thoughts, and then gently, try to let them go and clear your head.

- If your thoughts keep interfering, try a mantra. It can be the very ancient “om” or something more modern, like “I change my thoughts, I change my world,” or you can even create your own.

- Focus on your breath. Whether it's for an hour or just a minute, focusing on your breath will help you get centered and give you a jolt of energy.

- Find a position that is comfortable for you. You don't have to sit in the lotus pose if it hurts your legs. Instead, you can lie down, or if lying down makes you sleepy, try propping yourself up with a cushion or blocks to sit more comfortably.

- Find the time to meditate. If you have five minutes to watch a YouTube video, you have five minutes to breathe and relax. You can do it right after you wake up, right before you go to bed, or you can even meditate during your lunch break at work!

At first, you may have a hard time getting used to meditating, but just like with everything else, practice makes perfect. Once you get into a routine, meditation will be much easier and much more enjoyable. Keep trying!


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