Macy’s Thalia Blog: How to Put On False Eyelashes


Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to learn make-up application techniques from excellent make-up artists. What was once difficult for me, has now become really easy. I'm talking about putting on false eyelashes, of course! False lashes are a trick make-up artists have been using for many years to make their clients' eyes seem bigger and more expressive. Today, thanks to YouTube make-up gurus and beauty bloggers, false eyelashes have become mainstream.

At the beginning, applying false eyelashes can be a little frustrating, and a big goopy mess. Believe me, it took me many tries before I could master the art of applying the perfect eyelash. That's why if you're a beginner I recommend you first start off with inexpensive lashes, as you're most likely going to damage a few pairs.

Watch this step-by-step tutorial, and try to be patient with yourself. There is a saying that goes: "The expert at anything was once a beginner". This applies to almost everything in life, but especially false eyelashes.

Step 1. Do your eye make-up before you apply your falsies so you don't get eye shadow on them.

Step 2. Get your eyelashes out of the packaging by using tweezers so as not to damage or bend them.

Step 3. Measure your eye and cut your lashes according to the size you want using small scissors.

Step 4. Apply glue. I like to apply it directly on the false lashes, straight from the tube, but you can also use a cotton swab. Apply a little extra at the ends because that's usually where they come off first. However, don't apply too much, otherwise it will be visible, and the glue may get in your eyes. If you have a tendency to get eye allergies, make sure to get eyelash glue for sensitive eyes.

Step 5. Now that you have glue on your false eyelashes, don't put them on right away! You must let the glue dry for about 30 seconds before applying it so it sticks better and longer. If you're a bit impatient, like me, you can just blow on them gently.

Step 6. Now for the difficult part: Looking down while keeping your eyes a little bit open, apply the false eyelashes as close to your regular lash line as possible. Don't get frustrated if you don't get it right the first time, practice makes perfect. If you're looking for a little more drama, you can wear two pairs of lashes at a time.

Step 7. Give the lashes a few gentle taps on the ends to make sure they're stuck to your lash line.

Step 8. Sometimes, a little bit of visible glue is unavoidable. In these cases, just go over the glue, carefully, with your favorite eyeliner or eye shadow.

Step 9. Finish up the look with your favorite mascara, to make your false eyelashes look as if they were your own.

Step 10. Now that your lashes are securely on, give your eye make-up the final touches it needs so you can look as fabulous on the outside as you are on the inside!

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