Thalía marks her grandmother’s 100th birthday in Mexico; Laura Zapata invites her at the festivity


Thalía and Laura Zapata meet to celebrate their grandmother

Thalía's grandmother celebrated her birthday on January 18.

Her grandma, Eva Mange, celebrated 100 years of life! The lady, Yolanda Miranda Mange's mother, lives in Mexico with her granddaughter Laura Zapata.

The celebration took place just on the anniversary day.

Very awake and giving details, Doña Eva attended this telephone interview in which she mentioned some words, but not before asking: "Who is speaking?".

"I'm fine, I just arrived because they made me a meal and everything in my [grand]daughter Laurita's house," the birthday girl said yesterday.

When asked if she received Thalía's call, she replied: "Yes, yesterday", she said it at the moment when the conversation was interrupted by the voice of a woman who was standing next to her.

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  1. Janice P. Locson says

    I and your grandma celebrates the same birthday...i really love you Thalia Sodi...since the day way back in 1993 when i saw you on television playing the lead role of Marimar, Maria La del Barrio Maria Mercedes and Rosalinda...wishing you all the best in of my greatest wish is that someday i can see you in flesh ...

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