The beauty secrets of Thalía


You will not believe what Thalía uses to keep her teeth super-white

Thalía is one of the most beloved and respected artists in the Latin artistic scene, and it is not for less. The beautiful Mexican has been before the cameras since she was a child and over the years has starred in some of the most unforgettable TV novelas. She also maintains a very close connection with all her fans around the world through her social networks who, apart from following her day to day life, they are also very interested in her exercise routine, as well as in beauty. The Mexican has managed to keep her skin and hair in perfect condition and of course we all want to know how she looks after herself.

Thalía on People en Españols' Ponte Bella Facebook Live [May 15, 2018]

In a very intimate conversation with Úrsula Carranza, director of fashion and beauty, in the beauty closet of People en Español, the singer not only talked about some of her tricks, but also about what she plans to do very soon and that will surely revolutionize the makeup world.

"It comes from all over," Thalía told us euphorically as she touched her hair and showed her makeup, which makes us think that she is preparing her own line of makeup and hair products. "I'm happy because we're planning some things for the hair, too. Its wonderful. It has restructured my hair."

"Right now I like pink and red. I am wearing a lot of red and pink. I love them. The color of my eyes stands out a lot with that," she said. "I'm also in a lot of of eyebrows [products]. Love it."

Her most guarded secret? One that you received from your dentist and that has saved the color of her teeth.

"I drink a lot of coffee and I suffer a lot with that. I love coffee but it paints your teeth. A dentist told me, 'buy coconut cream with which you cook and every morning or before eating you put a spoonful in your mouth and leave it like that for 10 or 15 [minutes]'. She explained. "As if it were a mouthwash and it really helps you. You'll see."

Look at the video at the top of the page and find out what dear Thalía told us.

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