Conexión Thalía – Episode 7 [June 21, 2018]


Episode 7 of Conexión Thalía on reVolver Podcasts titled "Niños empresarios y negocios ecológicos" on June 21, 2018

Kids entrepreneurs and ecological businesses

The family is the most important thing in society and as parents we must carefully shape the character of our children, educate them, teach them and also encourage their projects so that they are entrepreneurs from an early age. This time in Conexión Thalía know the story of 3 girls and their parents, who decided to start a business that has been a success among young people. We also have the story of Alexa and Meli, leading water sportsmen who set up a business where recycling is vital part of the company that is engaged in the manufacture of beachwear with recycled plastic bottles.

Learn how to encourage your children and how to create ecological awareness that we can do a lot for our planet.

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