Thalía: Owner of her time [Teve – November 27, 2014]


Thalía is featured and on the cover of Excelsior's Teve magazine November 27, 2014 issue.

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto
Thalía: "I love being a mother". The singer says above music, her greatest passion is being a mom, because it is something that she was born.

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto

Owner of her time
Thalía confesses that she is free and organizes her spaces as she wants, so if she returned to acting, it would only be for a series of 5 or 7 episodes.

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto

There is another, Thalía knows that if not to reinvent musically speaking, she can fall into a comfort zone where her music is a pond, so every project she undertakes she always thinking to evolve, it is no exception that her next album Amore Mío, which is simply dedicated to the love she have to give so much to her fans, and her children and husband. To make matters more, the ex-Timbiriche confesses that something she really enjoy is acting, but without being chained to any television and hates judging people, so you never see her as a judge in one of those musical realities that are so fashionable. From this and much more we talked with the singer via telephone from New York.

—I listened to some of the songs from your album Amore Mío, the truth is that it feels romantic, melancholy, but also danceable with the song Tranquila. What can you tell me about your new album...
This album is an invitation to life in a positive way, to an angle to more light, to live the good things of life. There are songs, obviously with the congruence of Primera Fila, of Habítame Siempre, of those lyrics of the songs are more objective, deeper and then obviously that's my mega romantic, ballad side of Thalía, but I also have a very irreverent side, very naughty, very sexy in this album which came much closer to the surface, then that sexual side is like more tangible in Amore Mío.

—We agree that at this point in your career you could be in a comfort zone musically, but you reinvent...
I think I have always liked that feeling of craziness, what you do not know, trying new things, to inspect various genres, new music, new lyrics, and this album is no exception. I think the important to a human, and obviously when you are an artist or singer, always an another side perhaps even unknown to yourself to the universe, let go, let it go through the music to resonate with the person that you hear.

—A daring disc, different and also with various messages, is it for someone special?
To love and all angles, all aspects, all their structures. Love is suddenly very complex, free, sweet, sour, intense, passionate, dry, it goes to all aspects of love in general. So I put Amore Mio, it's like everything that has happened to me, lived and live, everything I feel and also Amore Mio also made me very personal, I've always called to all my fans to love, I find something very organic, easy.

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto
"I love fashion, I'm checking the last details for the launch of a collection of clothes, accessories and shoes in the United States"

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto

—Speaking of love, the song Por Lo Que Reste de Vida has been a great success... Who are you targeting?
Por Lo Que Reste de Vida was the last song that made it on the disc, written by Ricky Montaner, the younger son of Ricardo Montaner, imagine that this child absorbed everything of his father's talent, and wrote this melody. When I heard it I was impressed, how can it be that a young man of 19, we've finished when he wrote the song, I had this feeling and made me think that Por lo que resta de vida is the perfect bridge were the album Primera Fila and Habítame Siempre is, together with Amore Mio. Por lo que resta de vida is a ballad, but also has that more sound like Amore Mio.

—We see that you're very active in social networks, always giving positive messages and worrying about people. What is the key for you to be happy with your marriage?
Look, the world itself is going through a very serious crisis, I feel we are in a very dark time for humanity globally, then I feel that these platforms for me are tools to highlight the bright side of humanity, the pretty side, the funny side, colorful. I try to put something visually nice, cheerful, uplifting, and for me that is important for social media. I love it, instantaneously I'm very private in my life, I do not put a lot about my children, I will put a hand, I put a little picture, I put things with my husband and nothing, I try to be nice this moment.

—Mother, singer, writer, entrepreneur, radio host... What side you enjoy the most?
Well, we all have a magic, a spell, like I love being a mother, that's what I was born, but simultaneously I also love music, I love fashion, I'm already checking the final details of what will be a collection clothing, accessories, shoes, to be launched in January at a department store in the US, and I do not like to stay static, I like to move, try different things, I like to explore life.

—We talked a while ago, you played a song in a program and you said you have not found a plot nor a project that moved you... is it still yet to arrive?
I love acting, it's something I enjoy very much and I like, but it's not only about the story, although it very much depends on it, because if the story is not good, no hit, no nothing, no rating. Besides, I would like to make it compact, in 5-7 episodes, no more; I feel very free right now, I own my time, my space, I organize things as I want to organize it. When you get to work well in some series, in any telenovela perhaps, and obviously, you signed your time to people in production, then I'm really not that for now.

Thalía: Owner of her time [<i>Teve</i>   November 27, 2014] scans interviews articles  thalia foto

—Would you like do more like a series then?
Something shortie, but I have not at this time or the patience to be there.

—Also it is very trendy to be a judge of these musical realities... have you come up to the offer?
Yes, from La Voz... México, invited me first, second, third, all offered it to me, but I respect all my colleagues who sit as a coach and now I have the urge to be there in that role, I, in my view, I do not feel comfortable judging someone or breaking the illusions of someone or suddenly I have to decide between one to another when both are fabulous and decide for one and the other could have more future, I don't know, that's what prevented me and I do not like that part.

—On the other hand in Mexico a situation complicated by the missing students of Ayotzinapa community, Guerrero... you live, what is your opinion?
Yes, definitely the human life anywhere in the world, not only in Mexico, has to be respected and it hurts terribly what is happening as a fellow Mexicans, obviously I tell you firsthand, because we as family live the attack of violence with the kidnapping of my two sisters, then from my mother until we were not kidnapped, somehow we experienced it, and it is a problem that continues with aftermath. My sister Ernestina up to now has not recovered from what she had lived, what you can read in her book, which has some terrible things about that time; then we have it at home. I know and I can imagine the pain and tears, the desperation for searching for a child, then I know that part is terrible, the truth is we ordered and cry for divine justice.

—Tour for Mexico.. A balance in your career at this moment and what are your plans for 2015...
I have a thousand plans, obviously continue everything which will be promoting Amore Mio, I'm craving to come out with a tour, I will launch my collection, we travel to some important projects for children, I plan to take the second part of Viva Kids Volume II, I'm already writing for the disc, I do not stop, I like to keep reinventing, keep active and creating.

Source: Excelsior

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