Thalía reveals her return to telenovela soon


It's been 16 years since we last saw Thalía in a telenovela --- that's a bit too long if you ask us! The Mexican actress, who had the lead role in six out of seven novelas, paused her blossoming small screen trajectory to focus on her music. As a songstress, Thalía has released 13 studio albums, including the most recent Amore Mio (2014). Currently, she's living in New York City with her husband Tommy Mottola and her two children, she's showcasing her fashion line in Macy's and is working on new musical projects alongside award-winning producer Sergio George. Needless to say, she's also a full-time Instagram devotee! In addition to her fun-filled and busy life, Thalia recently announced that she's coming back from her 16-year hiatus and will return to telenovelas.

The 44-year-old star revealed the exciting news in an interview with Univision's El Gordo y La Flaca. "I'll soon be in a telenovela. I can't tell you which one, but soon I'll be in a telenovela every night," she told the show's hosts, reports People En Español.

Though we're curious to know more details of her forthcoming production, something tells us that it might have to do with a project Florinda Meza had in mind. Early this month it was announced that the widow of Roberto Gómez Bolaños a.k.a. Chespirito, has been in talks with Thalia for a new project to air on Netflix. Meza, who is a businesswoman and producer, said she introduced Thalía with the synopsis and assured that the Amor A La Mexicana singer loved the idea.

Whatever the case, we're glad our beloved Marimar and Maria la del Barrio is back in action! The last telenovela Thalía starred in was in Rosalinda in 1999.

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  1. […] was two weeks ago when Thalía anticipated that she would return to telenovelas: "Soon, soon, I will be in a soap opera, I won't say which, but soon. Soon I'll be in a soap opera […]

  2. Frankie says

    Still i'm a big fan. I hope that she really comeback in the small screen. That's where her talent as an artist. :) Mariel and Pau

  3. Pau says

    Not believing with her anymore. How many times she said before that she will return into acting scene. But no series were made. She continue to disappoint her fans, that's why she lost her big fanbase around the world. I'm so sorry to say, I am a fan of Thalia but nothing has change with her even if she's on a bigger record company now. No album promotions, continue to have scripted interviews about fashion, her broken promises with her fans. So where's the tour that she said before that supposed to be happen this late part of 2015? Her amore mio is totally wasted. She keeps on posting in her social media account with endless selfies and other non-sense stuff. Common Thalia, you are already 44 but you still have that kind of attitude with your fans.

    1. Mariel says

      Totally agree with you :| I'm quite fed up with her putting too much promotion of her expensive cheap fashion line when she should instead focus on her music. You're correct that Amore Mio is wasted... she will just make music video and done with it. Nothing much performances etc.

      1. Pau says

        Yeah Mariel, me too. I thought she have some big plans for this album. Especially when she released the video of Como tu no hay dos. She made a good start for this album, but nothing happen. Thalia just rely on the power of social media. I hate the fact that no bigger promotions, no tour and even TV guesting. That's why I never expect big things from her. Even in telenovela. Nothing at all.

        1. Carl says

          let us be honest, music is no longer as lucrative as it was before and with the business mindset of Tommy, i doubt if Thalia's top priority if really music. Artists nowadays, especially new ones, will only use their musical career to leverage and venture to other money-making deals. With Thalia's trajectory, music (as well as telenovelas) has propelled her career, thus, opening other platforms such as fashion, books, broadcasting and even print media. These produces more gains compared to the current musical business stature. We, as fans, can only wait and pray for the heavens to heed our prayers but money makes the world go round indeed...

          1. Pau says

            Well, you have a point Carl and I agree with that. I am also thinking of that as well before. Maybe she just want to have a stable and outside the entertainment scene type of business. And I understand it also that she wants to have a normal life especially for her children. But her fans are so demanding (including me). Haha! But I respect her decisions in life. At least her music career is still in her priorities.

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