It's diva vs. diva!

There has always been a musical rivalry between Mexican singers Paulina Rubio and Thalía. Coincidentally, both recently released new singles with Latin urban acts, joining reggaeton's world.

First was Paulina Rubio, who last Friday (Jan. 22) released a new version of Si Te Vas (If You Leave) featuring Alexis & Fido. The song was recorded last year and has been promoted on social media for a few weeks. The pop version of Si Te Vas debuted live at the Latin American Music Awards.

Paulina Rubio vs Thalía: Who Has the Best Reggaeton Song? Vote! news  thalia foto

Then today, Thalía released her new single Desde Esa Noche (From That Night) featuring Colombian act Maluma. Throughout the song, Thalía's flirtatiousness intertwines with Maluma's expressiveness over reggaeton rhythms and banda/norteño flourishes.

Which song is your favorite? Listen to both singles below and vote.

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