Thalía responds to Carmen Salinas after the latter makes fun of the singer’s illness


Carmen Salinas is known to be one of the most outspoken actresses in the Mexican entertainment industry, and for the most part, her comments are well taken amongst the community and considered to be funny. Unfortunately, recent remarks about Thalía's Lyme disease are putting Carmelita on the spot.

Thalía responds to Carmen Salinas after the latter makes fun of the singers illness news  thalia foto

On Monday, Salinas made the headlines for allegedly criticizing the Mexican singer’s condition. According to El Diario, the congresswoman was asked to give her opinion about Sodi's relapse last week and her response could’ve been better left unsaid.

"Well, she better bathe her dogs!" Salinas told reporters present during the interview. After she received a detailed explanation of what causes the illness, she replied, "Does she have a deer in her house? You need to fumigate that field, honey, and fumigate yourself too!"

The 82-year-old director received some backlash from raging fans on social media after her comments went public, but other explained they understood Salinas’s humor and added she probably didn’t mean for it to sound wrong.

Salinas and Thalía worked together in María Mercedes (1992) and María la del Barrio (1995).

A week ago, Thalía announced on Instagram that symptoms were coming back but she was ready to fight them like a champ in order to continue promoting her new songs, including her sexy duet with Colombian urban star Maluma, Desde Esa Noche, and her Thalia Sodi summer collection.

La salud es lo primordial y estar sobre ella es importantísimo. Siempre tenemos que atender de inmediato los primeros síntomas de incomodidad sin dejar pasar un solo día. Una enfermedad como lo es el #Lyme requiere de mucha atención, ya que en cualquier momento puede detonarse por circunstancias externas como el estrés, la alimentación, el ejercicio o también por un alto nivel de estrés mental. Estas cosas hacen que el organismo se frene por completo y de lugar a que el Lyme y sus co-infecciones crezcan de nuevo. ¡Aquí algunos suplementos y cuidados para darle con todo! Y solo como recordatorio, me pondré de vuelta mis pulseras verdes. ;-) Visita e infórmate ya #lymedisease #lymewarrior ⭐️ Health is the most important thing to have! We have to stay on top of it and address any uncomfortable symptoms without delay. A disease like #Lyme requires a lot of attention, because at any moment it can flare up because of external circumstances such as tension, food intake, exercise and a lot of mental stress. All of these can make our immune system suffer and give Lyme and its co-infections the right environment to attack. Here are some supplements to help me fight it!!! And to remind myself to fight hard, i will wear my green bracelets!!! Visit to learn more about #lymedisease.

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The Mexican singer took to social media to comment on the deputy's unfunny remarks about her sickness and emphasized that ignorance doesn't solve anything.

"I feel infinite sadness knowing that there's still people out there who joke and laugh about a catastrophic disease such as #Lyme," the 44-year-old actress wrote on Facebook. "Listening to these kind of comments, which are taken so lightly, I begin to think about the thousands of people who have lost the battle against this sickness."

In her speech, Sodi also takes the chance to address immigration and explains the dangers field workers are exposed to on a daily basis and how easy it could be for them to get infected.

"I think about our Hispanic brothers that work as gardeners," she continued. "Having to cut grass in zones infested with ticks carrying the Lyme bacteria, and other infections that could leave them incapacitated and stop them from living a normal life."

Thalía, who has been battling with her condition for over eight years now, finalizes her lecture emphasizing how important it is for people suffering from Lyme disease to be proactive and take things seriously in order to not let the illness take over your life.

“Once you contract the sickness, if you don’t attack it with the right treatment right away, it will stay in the person, and in most cases and depending on the circumstances, it stays there for life,” she concluded.

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