Thalía to launch cosmetics line Adria by Thalia


Following the trend of other celebrities, the Mexican singer Thalía will launch her own cosmetics line named Adria by Thalia. She had hinted several times the past few weeks her upcoming work that relates to beauty.

* On her guesting at The Wendy Show on May 15, 2018 (at 4:08 duration) Thalía complimented Wendy Williams that she love her eyelashes and follows by "I'm planning something with eyelashes soon."
* On an article on when she guest on People en Español's Ponte Bella on Facebook Live, it is mentioned that "she plans to do very soon and that will surely revolutionize the makeup world" and that she is "happy because we're planning some things for the hair, too".

It is not the first time that the Mexican diva has products with her name. She published a beauty book titled Thalía: ¡Belleza! Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness (2007); make-up line on Fuller and later perfume on Armand Dupree; endorser for Head and Shoulders shampoo in Mexico (2011) and an anti-aging moisturizing stem cells cream Teatrical in Mexico in 2011 with which she was sued by the company for breaching contract as she got pregnant while under contract.

Thalía to launch cosmetics line <i>Adria by Thalia</i> news  thalia foto

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