Thalía confessed to Bárbara Bermudo that she was traumatized because of the kidnapping of her sisters


Thalía's interview on March 18, 2015 episode of Primer Impacto

Thalía opened the door of her New York house for the first time and choose the highest ratings show of Univisión, "Primer Impacto".

In an exclusive interview with Bárbara Bermudo, the Mexican singer and business-woman talked about her joining to Macy's with her line, confessed that it was her dream of her deceased mother, and for the first time, she told about the pain she suffered because of her death, a month before the birth of her second son, Matthew.

"That was my mother's adored shop. She always said, "my little daughter, you'll see, one day you'll have something in Macy's, we'll have something: a perfume, some shoes, a jewel, we'll have something there, you will see", Thalía tells to Bárbara and remembers how difficult the death of Doña Yolanda was for her, and how her son within her womb became her strength.

"When my mother died, a month before he was born, I was feeling that he fighted the worst battle in my womb. He faced up the death, loss, pain, abandonment, orphanhood from my womb, and from there he understood that he would have to come to the world as a gladiator. He touches my face, he kisses me, he climbs me, hug and squeezes me... he's a warrior soul who came to save me", she says for the first time.

Bárbara asks her how much she misses Doña Yolanda 4 years after her death.

"Completely, in every single moment, personally, in the work, in everything. There's nothing like the love of a mother. That's why I ask mothers to love her children even though they are rebellious, because we can never know, and also we, the children, let's forget about those conflicts and go to your mother and to your father, because you dont't know when it's you day", Thalía said.

The conversation was as if it were a meeting of friends, what's more, Thalía confessed more things to Bárbara than to her own friend, Lili Estefan, especially when she told about why she had her children so isolated from the press.

"I was very traumatized because of the kidnapping of my sisters. On the other hand, they are human beings who didn't request for being famous. I'm the one who wanted to be famous. Tommy wanted to be famous. We wanted to be in this show business that is a craziness, but they did not", she explains.

In the interview, the Queen of Telenovelas also confessed to Barbie that her daughter, Sabrina, is identical to her and she also has much of her father, that's why she is afraid of only thinking how rebellious she will become.

(Translation by Erika & El Mexicano)

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